Young People Nowadays are more interested in Earning than in learning.

M.Asad Majeed
3 min readFeb 3, 2021
Children are interested in earning money online due to its easiness

Unlike the past fifty to seventy years, nowadays earning does not necessarily involve dealing with customers in a shop or an office. Millions of people nowadays are earning online just through an internet connection. The 21st century has brought with it a great deal of inventions that are of particular interest to students, however the exorbitant prices of these gadgets have made them unaffordable to many. Thus, the extreme curiosity of using these gadgets, piled up with the easiness of earning money online, it is justified to say that many students nowadays are more interested in earning than in learning.

The 21st century inventions.

Apart from just the captivating gadgets, many students are forced to earn money by their families due to feudalism. The families have no other choice, and once the students get engrossed in it, they lose their interest in studying. However, people supporting the other side of the argument say that most of the children living in feudalistic areas have a hidden interest in studying. The high fee structures of the universities sometimes force students to do part-time jobs and some firms offer so many attractive packages to the young talent that they accept the offers without giving them a second thought. These students then start investing more time in earning as they see no benefit of studying harder if they are already earning so much. In fact, about 30 percent of the total child work force ion the world is either paid employed or self employed.

On the other hand, some people say that there are many students who take great interest in studying and are more active academically than economically, but in reality these students are taking study seriously because they think of it as a milestone towards earning more money. They believe that study will earn them money and money will earn them everything they want. Even if children nowadays are studying harder, they are doing so just to get a piece of a paper that could yield them high paying jobs in the future. People from poor families even encourage their children to study so that they may earn more money for the family and improve the status of the family in the future.

Interest in earning has developed in many students from school as well. In a school children of different family statuses come and many children from a financially unsound background develop an interest in earning money to overcome the sense of inferiority they face when talking to their richer friends so that they can add up to their meagre pocket money. Many students start having an interest in freelancing as they can earn a lot just from the things taught to them at school level such as programming and content writing and thus they consider any further studies unnecessary.

children constitute 10% of all freelancers in U.S

Economic constraints, unaffordability of exorbitant but captivating gadgets and the easiness of earning money nowadays makes the statement justified that students nowadays are more interested in earning than in learning. There might be many claims negating the statement but the fact that 52% of freelancers are school or college students, puts an end to these false claims.