The Spread of COVID-19: “Has the world stopped?”

M.Asad Majeed
3 min readApr 8, 2020

“The novel corona virus has affected about a million people worldwide”, yes this is what everyone hears in the news nowadays. But does that mean the world has stopped, definitely not. A countless number of people think that this virus is a risk to their country, but this is not the time to be afraid, this is the time to fight.

Corona virus cases, recoveries, deaths April 3,2020

The truth about this virus

The situation in many countries is out of control and thus the only way to fight this pandemic is to stay at home, to protect yourself as well as the others. Many people are afraid that COVID-19 will end the world but as everyone knows that this virus spreads from person to person, so by staying at homes we are not only saving our lives but also reducing the spread of the threatening pandemic and thus making it more possible to prevent the world from being terminated.

According to a study a lot of people refrained from staying at home in Romania. Not only in Romania but in many other countries the rate of people that are out of their homes is unbelievable. Many people just cannot work from home and need to go out, but people will have to work together, desperate times call for desperate measures. Staying at home is just like a stressful battle against this disease but we still have to fight it. We cannot surrender in front of our enemy when we have the potential to fight.

What to do?

No one wants to sit bored in isolation and many people ask what to do while sitting at home. For those working from homes, isolation may start taking a toll on their spirits sooner than they think. Because when you are near your workers, help is available even before you have to ask for it. At home when lying down in bed comfortably, eating snacks, headphones intact, with eyes on an entertainment social media site and hands on your work, there are chances that your productivity will reduce and you might face a lot of distractions.

According to a study 78% of the Brazilians work from home happily due to the COVID-19 lock down. There is one simple way to prevent distractions while working from home. Just because you can take a day off from home working, doesn’t mean you should. Be sensible, stick to your usual every day routine and treat work from home just like work form your workplace. This is what you can do to prevent the spread of the pandemic as well as prevent yourself from becoming bankrupt. If you think you cannot do your job online, so try giving your services online through digital marketing.

In working days parents usually get less time to spend with their kids. Due to this lock down, parents can spend quality time with their kids, do interesting activities with them and make them learn something new every day so that their studies are not disturbed because of closure of schools.


If you think that you are afraid that the world might end, don’t go out as this might prevent the world from ending. Work from home, spend time with your kids and treat your work from home like any other day at work to prevent distractions.